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Rent-a-car &
Transfer service

Belgrade Car Rental - conditions and information



Parking :

Parking in Belgrade is organized according to zones. Parking in the first zone, marked by the colour red, is allowed for a period of one hour. Parking in the second zone, marked by the colour yellow, is allowed for a period of two hours. Parking in the third zone, marked by the colour green, is allowed for a period of three hours. Parking may be paid at the machine on the spot at a number of parking spaces. Parking may also be paid by local ( Serbian number ) cell phone: type an SMS with the number of the car license plate and send it to 9111 for parking in the first zone; 9112 for parking in the second zone or to 9113 for parking in the third zone. Parking may also be paid by means of a parking ticket which may be purchased in most kiosks – fill in the parking ticket and place it in a visible spot in your car windshield.


There are six public garages in Belgrade. For more information on parking see



Drivers age: minimum age 25 years old for groups B, BA, C, C+, D, DA, E, F, 4X4, and 23 years for group AB. Maximum drivers age 65 years.

Drivers licence: A valid drivers licence held for at least 5 years. Minimum 3 years for group AB.

Deposits: Credit card authorisation is required ( We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express ).

Minimum 150€  for group AB and B, 250 € for groups B, BA, C,C+, and 400 € for all other car groups. Rental price is not a part of deposit. All rentals should be paid in advance.


Rental period: Minimum 24 hours. Any delays to return car on time will be charged extra. In case client returns car before agreed rental period, ZIM car rental will charge two extra days. In case of no show of the client or cancelation within 24h prior to rental period ZIM car rental will charge two days of rental period.

Filing gasoline service: Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter. ZIM Rent-A-Car will charge extra 10% for filling service in case renter returns car with less gasoline from the amount supplied. Gasoline is not included in price of car rent.

Parking tickets / Traffic fines: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Serbian (SRB) Traffic Law during rental period are solely the renters responsibility.
Payment of parking and trafic fines for the renterer is charged 15 eur.

Insurance: All ZIM Rent-A-Car drivers and passengers are insured for the amount of: Life 100,000 RSD, invalidity 200,000 RSD. Damages to third parties by ZIM Rent-A-Car cars are insured for the maximum amount of $50,000. Personal things and luggage are not insured and we do not recomend such items to be kept in the car when the car is parked.

(CDW) Collision damage waiver: The rentals responsability for damages up to 500 € is 100% ( excess ) and 10% for damages larger than 5,000.- eur. 

Client can avoid this responsability by paying CCI ( Complete cover Insurance / Excess insurance ) in advance and provided that collision damages were not due to violations of the Traffic law. Any damages on tires, underneath of the car, inside the car, alarm remote control are NOT covered by CDW or CCI insurance and in case of loss or damage renterer should pay 100% of the cost. Loss of car keys is charged 180 eur.

Complete cover Insurance (CCI)  is optional and it is agreed in advance with rent a car agent.
ZIM car rental is not obliged to provide another spare car when rented car is being broken or crashed, and when the fault is the result of drivers careless driving.

Theft: In case of theft renterer is liable for 20% of the car market value, minimum 500 eur. Theft must be declared to local police station and official police report must be present, together with original car keys and car documents. Renterer should always lock the car and activate alarm system when car is parked, never keep car documents in the car or any other valuable items, bags, jackets,etc.

Theft protection: Is an optional service which if accepted relieves the renter from financial responibility for loss/damage to the ZIM Car rental vehicle by paying 5 € per day, minimum 35 eur per rental for A,AB,B and 8 eur per day, minimum 56 eur per rental for all other car categories. All damages / theft should be reported to ZIM car rental and local Police station and official police report is apsolutely necessary, together with car documents and original car keys.

Additional driver: Free (minimum age 25 years old).

Child seat:
20€ per rental period, even for long rentals.

Snow chains:
2€  per day, maximum can be charged 20€ per rental period, even for long rentals.

10€  per rental period up to 10 days, 11 days and more 20 eur.

All prices include 18% VAT.

Night delivery/ collection: (20:00 to 08:00 hours) is charged 20 €. Delivery / collection on Sundays and holidays is charged 20 € per delivery / collection.

Crossing the border: It is allowed to travel accross Serbian (SRB) border if you obtain ZIM Rent-A-Car written permission.

Unlimited Kilometers are given only for teritiry of Serbia and for minimum four day rentals.


CAR WASH is not included in price and it will be charged 6 eur. In case that car interior needs extra washing, it will be charged 15 eur.

Dry clean of car interior is charged 25 eur.

Any damage on the car interior, seats, upholsery or instruments / radio cd is charged 100 eur and it is not covered by CDW insurance.

Renter should take good care of the car. It is not allowed any kind of off road driving, racing, rally driving, towing other vehicles, lending the car to others and it is strictly forbiden to make any alterations or any kind of changes.